Birds in Schools


What is Birds in Schools?

  • Birds in Schools is an environmental education project designed and delivered by BirdLife Australia and Birds in Backyards with support from funding bodies, local BirdLife Australia branch volunteers and local councils.
  • Birds in Schools is free and open to students and teachers from Years 5 and 6 (currently seeking schools in Mackay, Townsville and Cairns).
  • Birds in Schools consists of one teacher professional development module and a series of inquiry-based Stage 3 curriculum modules.
  • Birds in Schools is delivered by BirdLife staff, volunteers and classroom teachers through:
  • Teacher professional development and ongoing BirdLife support for teachers
  • BirdLife volunteer incursions to local schools, including planting days

We currently have funding to deliver Birds in Schools in Northern Queensland.

What does Birds in Schools aim to do?  

To engage students in the scientific process through investigating and monitoring the birds and habitat of their school grounds with the ultimate aim of developing and implementing an action plan related to improving its biodiversity

What will Birds in Schools offer students and teachers?

  • The chance to become citizen scientists and actively participate in the scientific process
  • Development of a valuable connection with the natural world
  • A supported cross-curriculum teaching resource that builds knowledge and skills across key learning areas and clearly links with syllabuses
  • Opportunity to investigate real-life issues, reflect and problem solve and develop action-oriented responses to sustainability challenges
  • A way to prioritise biodiversity within the School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) and, where funding is available, the ability to fund part of the implementation of those plans by creating habitat for birds on the school site
  • Collaboration and partnerships with the local school community and local council

Birds in Schools – Northern Queensland

We are thrilled to be working with BirdLife Mackay, BirdLife Townsville and BirdLife North Queensland to bring Birds in Schools to Northern Queensland in 2018. The project will involve a teacher professional development workshop and three curriculum-modules, culminating in the creation of a bird-friendly garden. If you are in a school in in Mackay, Townsville and Cairns that might like to be involved, please email:

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