Participants wanted for feeding study in SE QLD

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There is an exciting opportunity for community members to take part in ecological Honours research investigating current bird feeding practices within suburban/urban areas of South East Queensland.  Specifically, the research aims to provide the first quantitative assessment of:

  • Food composition and nutritional characteristics of commercial wild bird feed products available within Australia
  • Food types currently provided to wild birds suburban/urban areas of South East Queensland
  • Food type preference of wild birds in suburban/urban South East Queensland

The end product of this research will assist in improving scientific understanding of urban avian ecology and will help inform the development of wildlife feeding guidelines/standards by Birdlife Australia and Griffith University.

If you live in suburban/urban areas of South East Queensland, are already feeding wild birds in your backyard and are interested in taking part in the research over a two week period at the end of March, please send an email to Danielle Hodgson stating:

  • Your name
  • Your residential address where you feed wild birds
  • How long you have been feeding wild birds
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