How to Take Care of Black-capped white-eye Birds that Are Difficult to Twitter

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How to Take Care of Black-capped white-eye Birds that Are Difficult to Twitter

Maintaining a Black-capped white-eye bird to get a quick voice will require time that is not fast and routine patience and daily maintenance. Especially if the Black-capped white-eye bird is cared for since childhood and has never lived in an bird market cage. Also sometimes the Black-capped white-eye birds that have been preserved for a long time are still sounding horrifying and only want to cringe or flutter when they are lured by only female birds.

But the thing that often triggers impatience in this treatment is a little closed because the price of Black-capped white-eye birds on the market is said to be quite affordable, to minimize boredom in Black-capped white-eye bird care, following tips on Black-capped white-eye bird care whose voice doesn't want to go bad.

Black-capped white-eye birds, which are obtained from bribes, even though they have been treated for 3 months, tend to only make psychic sounds, Black-capped white-eye birds are colony birds, and usually in omgokan cages there are several Black-capped white-eye which are still a colony while in the wild. If you are lucky you can choose and get birds that are still one colony, this can speed up the process of Black-capped white-eye birds.

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So when buying Black-capped white-eye birds besides choosing male birds, we also have to be able to observe which Black-capped white-eye is predicted to be a colony when in the wild, generally these Black-capped white-eye will follow each other. We will take these birds to become friends of the Black-capped white-eye birds that we consider potential.

After we get Black-capped white-eye-Black-capped white-eye, then immediately learn the character, by recognizing the character of each Black-capped white-eye then we can provide appropriate care. One example of character recognition is the food he likes.

There are some Black-capped white-eye birds that really like one particular type of feed but lack interest in other feeds, for that we can make further observations. Feed problems become one of the things that must also be considered, especially in the treatment of old Black-capped white-eye birds that are hard to break or cringe.

Here are daily Black-capped white-eye treatments based on their feed preferences or the feed they like especially extra foods:

1. For Black-capped white-eye who really like hongkong caterpillars, daily care can be done by giving 4-5 hongkong white caterpillars in the morning and evening.

2. For a Black-capped white-eye who likes Kroto, daily care can be done by giving kroto as much as one teaspoon in the morning and evening.

3. For Black-capped white-eye who love caterpillars, care can be taken by giving one caterpillar one morning and evening.

In addition to changes in diet, daily maintenance patterns that can be applied to the new treatment area are as follows:

1. Routinely do condensation where the cage can be chopped or not chopped, if you have several Black-capped white-eye cages can line up. When the Black-capped white-eye is dehydrated, the feed must be prepared in the flask.

2. When the sun starts to heat each of the Black-capped white-eye cages is separated somewhat, so they will call each other. This will stimulate him to make a noise or crackle. Do it routinely, until Black-capped white-eye-Black-capped white-eye is accustomed to making lazy sounds without needing to be provoked by another Black-capped white-eye sound in a colony.

3. For more Black-capped white-eye fishing to be more diligent in issuing a lazy sound, then when hung in line (either when drained or resting) the Black-capped white-eye is in the middle of the colony.

Added by doing other routine care patterns such as bathing and drying then in a time that is not too Black-capped white-eye birds you will be more diligent to sound lazy and cranky, until finally ready to compete.

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