Unknown bird calling from around 3:50 am until dawn in Coogee, NSW

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Unknown bird calling from around 3:50 am until dawn in Coogee, NSW


I'm looking for some help in identifying a bird call ( https://instaud.io/1aqS ) that has been driving the wife and I nuts for the last 3 weeks.  It's so annoying, that it has driven us to have to go and sleep in the spare bedroom in order to prevent it from waking us up at around 3:50am every day for the last 3 weeks.  We live in Coogee, NSW and this bird has been making this annoying repetative call in the dead of night now since late July.

Could someone please listen to this recording I made of it? I would love to know what species it is: Unknown Annoying Bird Call


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It sounds like one of the more unusual Pied Currawong calls - they do have a tendency to be up later and earlier than other birds too

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


There are definitely a lot of Currawongs around here, so I guess it could be one.  Given the time of year, could it be a mating call?  Would these birds try and find partners in the pitch dark with several hours to go before dawn?

If you turn the volume up and listen closely from around the 52 second mark you can hear another bird making the same call off in the distance and then the one close to our house kind of joins in on the end of the other birds call.

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