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We’re making this small change to deliver exciting new updates to the program this year. It will improve your Birds in Backyards experience and, by being better integrated into the BirdLife Australia family, it will streamline things so we can focus our attention on the birds in your backyard.

Tasmania is renowned for its incredible nature and wildlife, so it's no surprise the island state's capital city is a birdwatchers' paradise. 

Read the full story at Australian Geographic.

There is an exciting opportunity for community members to take part in ecological Honours research investigating current bird feeding practices within suburban/urban areas of South East Queensland.  Specifically, the research aims to provide the first quantitative assessment of:

Climatic conditions continued to be the main factor affecting plains-wanderers in 2016. The difference in the Southern Riverina in the year just past was that it was too dry (nothing out of the ordinary there) and then it was too wet (no complaints here).

Scientists believe the rapid growth of the wing length of a common Western Australian bird could be due to climate change.

The University of Notre Dame research found the wings of ringneck parrots — commonly called twenty-eights — had increased by four to five millimetres over the past 45 years.

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