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Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) ecologists have made a ground-breaking discovery, using exceptional natural history skills to uncover a Night Parrot population at Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary on the north shore of Kata Thandi-Lake Eyre.

It is the first record of the Night Parrot in South Australia for more than a century.

The author of H Is for Hawk explains how an appreciation of bird habitats enables a unique connection with the natural world - read this wonderful meditation on birds nests and eggs.

They're feisty and seemingly fearless. Once only found in the bush, it’s the native Australian animal that’s taking over the city.


Are you keen on bird photography? The City Slickers photo competition is now open (again!) on the BirdLife Photography website. 

It may be just a natural thing to do, but a bowerbird’s decision to take up residency in Le Hamel Retirement Village has been embraced by the residents.

Village manager Cathy Snook says residents have even taken to leaving blue items outside their front doors hoping the new resident will snap them up for its nest.

We are thrilled that the Birds in Backyards surveys are now on Birdata! By joining Birdata, the surveys are now part of the way BirdLife Australia collaboratively and scientifically collects data to gain insight and protect Australia's birds.

Nearly one in five of Australia’s birds are in need of our help. Currently approximately 238 species or subspecies are either extinct, threatened with extinction or near threatened.

Recent research on the impacts of reveg and weed control on urban-sensitive birds in Brisbane's parks and reserves has shed new light on the do's and dont's of creating places for birds.

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