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Begun in 1998, Birds in Backyards is celebrating its 20th year as a national citizen science program. Now that’s something to get excited about! Learn, participate, and create with us this year.

The time is now people! Autumn is the best time of year to get your native plants in the ground. There is a good 7 months then of growing before the next brutal summer rolls around - giving your new garden a chance to get its roots established. In Autumn there is still some heat from summer hanging around, so the soil is nice and toasty warm.

Last week, the Senate voted AGAINST draining 70 billion litres more water from the Darling River. The Darling is connected to Macquarie Marshes, a critical refuge for half a million waterbirds.

It's a huge relief for the birds of the Basin.

Keep up to date on all the latest happenings and come and talk all things backyard birds with us on the new Birds in Backyards Facebook Group. You can connect with like minded people, share photographs and get advice on birds and bird-friendly gardening as well as find out about upcoming events and the results of our latest surveys.

Come and join us!

A whizz and a whirl, a flutter and a swirl. Autumn is when so many of our birds are on the move. It’s time to find out which ones are visiting your space this March-April 2018.

Head over to Birdata and get your Birds in Backyards survey in today.

Got a blank space in your garden that is begging to be filled? A wall that is looking a little plain? A pergola that needs some shade provided? Get results quickly and easily by planting some native climbers or vines.

Sometimes birds go against everything we think we know about them and do something totally out of left field. Elizabeth Ainsworth and Allan Virtue recently shared a wonderful story with Birds in Backyards - a story of the Christmas they have just spent with a pair of Little Wattlebirds.

Start the new year right with this beautiful piece published in the January edition of National Geographic magazine about how birds are good for the environment and good for our souls. In 2018 we'll be celebrating the Year of the Bird and 20 years of the Birds in Backyards program - we hope you'll join us!

The Friends of ERBG have developed a new self guide system which features plants, birds and insects found in the Garden. Content will be expanded over time, and currently includes information on over 120 plant species and groups, and the 50 most common birds.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is fast becoming one of Australia’s largest citizen science events—with more than 70,000 participants, 61,000 checklists, and a record breaking two million birds counted! The Rainbow Lorikeet topped the Aussie Backyard Bird Count for the fourth consecutive year, reported in approximately 40% of all surveys submitted.

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