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Preliminary research from an ornithologist in the Northern Territory suggests that Australian birds of prey actually spread fires in order to force their prey out into the open, as Courtney Wilson reports.

Listen to or download the interview, or read the transcript, at ABC Online.

Unlike most of us, including the majority of parents I know, Canberra's Penny Olsen has made a lasting contribution to the biological richness and diversity of the blue planet.

A renowned bird expert and author, the Black Hill resident initiated a program to preserve the Norfolk Island subspecies of the southern boobook owl 30 years ago.

When you hear a bird warbling, you probably think the crooner is a male. And chances are if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you would be right. But females also evolved to sing, and many still do—although generally less than the males.

PROTECTORS of the endangered hooded plover are documenting senseless acts by beachgoers that are threatening breeding birds.

The plovers each year struggle to breed on Mornington Peninsula beaches with an ever decreasing number of their chicks ever taking flight.

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