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New hope for endangered bird

Click here to read about how a new colony of the endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote has been discovered on Bruny Island off south-eastern Tasmania.

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Sydney-siders: keep an eye out for tagged cockatoos

A joint Royal Botantic Gardens/University of Sydney project has seen a number of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos tagged in the gardens and then released. The researchers are wanting Sydney residents to report when they see one of these tagged birds (who each have a name!) by either emailing them: or going to their facebook page.

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Brush-turkeys in Sydney suburbs

Birds in Backyards was interviewed for an article on Australian Brush-turkeys in the Sydney region. Read the full story here.

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Australia's birds face a grim future

A newly published study shows Australians must work with international partners if they are to save all of Australia's birds.

The joint study by The University of Queensland (UQ), Charles Darwin University and BirdLife Australia shows that the status of Australian birds was declining faster than elsewhere in the world.

Read the full article here

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Could corvids be our smartest exports?

See an article by Stephen Debus here

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Powerful Owl Project Officer position available - Sydney

On January 2012, Birds Australia and Bird Observation & Conservation Australia merged to form a new organisation called BirdLife Australia. Through BirdLife Australia we are integrating our conservation, research, education and members programs to be more effective over a wider range of activities. We form the biggest national bird conservation organisation in Australia with a membership of over 10,000 and an increased presence in all States and Territories.

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Spring has Sprung! What a Great Time to Survey...

Surveying is easy to do (there are full instructions and photos), fun and also helps us at Birds in Backyards know what is going on with our nation's urban birds - and the more you send us, the clearer the picture becomes. You don't need to be an expert - just someone who loves birds.


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